Monday, July 15, 2019


I have been so eager to make things happen over the last three years that I forgot something. I forgot to enjoy the process, I forgot to be happy. And since I have been so results oriented, my happiness has been tied to the results. I forgot why I began this journey in the first place, which was to live a happier more fulfilling life. Not to finish my task and accomplish my goals so that I lived the perfect life and achieved everything I wanted... then what, I just die, maybe.

Instead of focusing on the end result, I can choose to focus on each moment, isn't that what the end result is anyway just a moment. By focusing on each moment, I can practice being more present in my life, and that is the best reward, result, or gift I could ever receive in my life.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Face 2 Face

Sometimes I wonder how things can get so bad at times. And like many others, when things get bad I tend to look outside of myself for someone or something to blame. As much as I would like to find a culprit for my problems, I am constantly reminded that to remain powerful in this world I must own my problems and mistakes.

The more I examine any adversity I am experiencing, the more I realize that I had signs warning me of impending danger. However, instead of acting on the information, I procrastinate and fail to deal with it. Then what was a little thorn in my side, becomes a full blown monster, a much bigger problem.

My goal is to pay more attention to the signs so that I can prevent myself from having to be face to face with a monster.

My work is my life, My life is my art, My art is the message,

Ramon Reese

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

White Flag

This month I am working on my attitude, which I believe is my level of consciousness or awareness. I rate Attitude as my most important value out of 12 values, because in order to balance my life I must be conscious. In order to work on my attitude I have to surrender to what is so that I can alter what could be. In other words, I have to own or declare what is currently going on in my life in order to fix it (similar to what people have to do with addiction).

So today, I Surrender!!!!

I evaluate my life based on how I am adhering to my values, through the accomplishments of goals.

The following is a snapshot of my state of the union through my values:

  1. Attitude - inconsistent with my meditation, walking in nature, planning, and praying
  2. Health - 21 pounds over weight, high blood pressure, work out less than 1 per week, eating to many processed foods, not enough fruit and vegetables
  3. Relationships - haven't seen any friends or extended family in about 6 months, or nurtured any business relationships in 6 months, immediate family best in a few years but still have tons of room for improvement
  4. Artistic expression - until this month have not spent much time writing,  have not made music in 6 months, haven't created much until this month to express myself
  5. Career - haven't spent as much time as I need to on business, need to find stable supplemental job to fit in schedule with minimal time, physical energy, and mental energy demands.
  6. Education - not enough money to finish school, reading about 1 book a week
  7. Finance - household debt $59000 need stable supplemental income to help fund education, household expenses, and business.
  8. Pleasure - only one date with spouse in last year, haven't planned many activities for the last year, need to incorporate more pleasure into daily life, work too much
  9. Travel - moved unexpectedly to new great area, haven't scheduled any new trips to different areas or tried new cultural experiences in about 2 years
  10. Philanthropy - First year, I haven't participated in a philanthropic event in 7 years
  11. Rewards & Consequences - lacking the discipline to make goals happen timely, need more mentors for accountability
  12. Rest - sleeping schedule is irregular due to television, diet, and work. Mind has been to stressed  to relax.
I'm surrendering because I have hit bottom, meaning I am broken open,  I am waving the white flag so that I can let the light in, in order for the healing to begin.

My work is my life, My life is my art, My art is the message,

Ramon Reese

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Today I received an unpleasant reminder. I was reminded that I was too invested into something that wasn't aligned with my goals. I have been working a part time job and picked up extra hours to help supplement my income and help the new facilities and the shortcoming of its new leaders. It was initially a win win for both parties. However, I started to take on more and more responsibility and concern (something I didn't want to do) without any extra compensation. I believed and had been told by others that I had helped out tremendously and I was appreciated.

Today I was told that I was no longer needed for the extra shifts due to the end of holiday season. My pride was hurt, I had given and done so much. Why wouldn't they make space for me to continue my contributions?

After a few hours of reflection I was reminded by myself that I was only there for part time. I needed the job to balance out my obligations as I worked on building my company.

I never meant to become a leader in their company

I never meant to take on more responsibility within their company

So why should this bother me?

I should be grateful for the opportunity.

All of the time and energy I spent outside of my part time job, trying to make them better, should have been focused on myself and my goals. I have to remember that while this journey may have many little adventures, I mustn't get sidetracked from my ultimate destination.

My work is my life, My life is my art, My art is the message,

Ramon Reese

Thursday, December 27, 2018


The last 12 months have been very difficult to say the least. I have been tested and pushed to my limits to see if I really believe in the values I claim are important to the quality of my life. Unfortunately, I have failed to consistently maintain my values.  But isn't that the point!

I created my values to help me obtain a more fulfilling and satisfying life. No human is being is perfect, so why should I expect to be perfect. Instead, I must practice my values over and over again and I will get better, so will the quality of my life. All of the adversity I am facing is exposing my shortcomings, and as long as I don't give up, I will someday be able to look back and see the progress. Life is a process, I must practice my values to enjoy the experience of being a human being.

My work is my life, My life is my art, my art is the message,

Ramon Reese